About Us

Established in September 2021, we have swiftly grown to become a trusted name in the pet care industry. Our journey began with a deep passion for providing top-quality products that enhance the lives of pets and their owners.
Since July 2022, we have proudly been the exclusive distributor for Momoji Pets in Singapore and Malaysia. Our relationship with Momoji has flourished, and as of May 2024, we are excited to announce our official partnership with them for both Singapore and Malaysia.

In March 2023, we expanded our offerings by becoming the official distributor for Cirius Pet LLLT, a revolutionary product designed to reduce inflammation and pain in pets. This partnership has allowed us to bring innovative solutions to pet owners looking for effective and safe ways to improve their pets' health.

May 2023 marked another milestone as we became the official distributor for Max and Molly Soundshield, a natural and chemical-free way to prevent ticks and fleas. This product has been incredibly well-received, and we have successfully sold almost 1000 units since introducing it to the Malaysian market.

Our dedication to sourcing and providing the best products for pets stems from personal experiences and a genuine love for pets. We continue to seek out and offer innovative solutions that enhance the well-being of pets, ensuring they lead happy and healthy lives.