About Us

Tale of Tails offers an array of high quality and fashionable pet accessories for your pets. At the moment, we're mainly catering for dogs and cats. You may reach out to us if you'd like to purchase a bib collar for your pets of other species (e.g., bunnies). 

We are the Exclusive Authorized distributor for MOMOJI Pets in Malaysia and Singapore. We aim to help pet owners to create many joyful stories that captivates the heart with their furry family, hence the name “Tale of Tails” (or “TOT” for short).

Our pets are a big part of our lives and part of our family, joining in all our celebrations throughout the year. With that in mind, we're bringing in the latest trend and fashion style pet accessories so that your pet can always look fabulous at every occasion. But looking good is not the only thing we look for; we strive to also provide pet owners with quality products to pamper your furry family and to bring out their stylish side. We at TOT hope to be your go-to store for new leading fashion trends. So, step in and join us on this glamourous runway!!